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Older people and volunteering

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An aging population presents a negative demographic trend that affects many countries around the world. The amount of people of 65 years and over is constantly growing. Since a few decades the volunteering of elderly people became known as a meaning full manner of active aging and a way of fighting against social exclusion that often presents a risk for this age group. People are healthier than they used to be; they live longer and have more possibilities than their predecessors. The motivation of elderly volunteers comes from the will to move forward, personal satisfaction, altruism and the will the help. They present a specific group of volunteers that have a lot to offer, whose characteristics should be recognized and enable them to use their potentials through their chosen volunteer activities. Volunteering influences the wellbeing of an elderly person, the organisation that they are engaged with and society in general. Obstacles that prevent their involvement should be eliminated and the public awareness of elderly volunteers should be actively promoted through the media, presentations and personal contacts. Many developed countries actively work on the promotion of volunteering including elderly people with the intention to improve their quality of life and confront them with the demographic, social and economical challenges of today.

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elderly people, volunteering, motivation, barriers

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