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Effective Flexural Modulus of Bars Containing Cellular-Material Layer, and the Use of this Modulus for Determining the Effective Elastic Modulus of a Cellular Material

M. Kupková
M. Kupka
S. Strobl
G. Khatibi
M. Kabátová
E. Dudrová

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str. 95-98

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Rectangular bar-shaped sandwich-like samples consisting of a cellular-material core between two standard material layers were prepared. The cellular materials were made of both ferrous and bronze hollow spheres. Using these specimens and testing method based on flexural vibrations, expected differences were observed in effective modulus values determined by means of vibrations parallel and perpendicular to layers. Information on distribution of material throughout the bar cross section was obtained through metallographic studies. The thickness of particular layers, measured values of “parallel” and “perpendicular” effective flexural modulus, and expressions derived for flexural rigidity of quasi-layered bars were used for evaluating the values of effective Young’s modulus of material of particular layers constituting the sample. Reasonable agreement was found among results obtained for various samples.

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