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Training Teachers for the use of Information Communication Technology in Science

Vesna Kostović-Vranješ ; Sveučilište u Splitu Filozofski fakultet
Nikolina Tomić ; dipl.učiteljica

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Although the importance of ICT at all levels of education is mentioned
in professional literature, especially at the beginning of primary school education, the application of ICT for educational purposes depends primarily on individual ambitions and characteristics of a teacher. Based on the fact that teachers’ qualifications are the reason for applying or not applying ICT in teaching, the goal of our research is to determine how class teachers use ICT in preparation for, implementation and evaluation of teaching Science at the beginning of primary education, how much they expose students to various computer sources of knowledge and what the reasons for not applying ICT for educational purposes are. The research results indicate inadequate training of primary school teachers for the use of ICT in teaching Science, but also imply general situation in our schools. The results of the empirical research should serve as a starting point for
modernization of existing teacher training curricula and designing professional development programs for teachers that will enable them to acquire and develop new competences for work with computer, with the purpose of training teachers for the application of ICT in teaching, which will thus create conditions for development of student’s computer competence from the beginning of primary

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computer literacy; information literacy; initial teacher education; primary education; teachers’ professional training

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