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Colours of business "world's" and compatibility with the lifetime valuse of Generation y

Verica Jovanovski ; Veleučilište Lavoslava Ružičke, OŠ Dragutina Tadijanovića, Vukovar, Hrvatska

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We live in a chaotic transition period defined by global competition, rapid change and flow of information and increasing complexity of tasks. The pace of change has become so rapid that those companies have to manage and adapt to become dominant and marked entirely new era of business. Business is currently grappling with the changes related to the lack of necessary skills and creating an effective workforce. Radical changes mean confronting the organization with questions such as: the boundaries between work and family life, to strengthen the control and measurement of productivity and efficiency of supervision, the importance of social capital and its impact of business success. Organizations will hold in the future are divided into worlds (PwC): -The Blue World - a large corporation located in small countries, playing an important role in society (the global economy);- The Orange World - specialized trades and create collaborative networks (innovation and flexibility) - The Green World - environmental programs that affect changes in business strategies (awareness of quality). Generation Y is entering the world of work unencumbered by conventional standards, thinking in different ways, have sense of entrepreneurship and they are more independent. Respond to changes in different and have plans which are not always fit into the plans of employers. For each employer is challenge to identify such employees and to align their values and ambitions with the goals and strategies of the company.

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Generation Y; the world; changes; competition; employer; organizations

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