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New technologies as promotors of tourisam and gastronomy of Croatia

Andreja Horvatić ; Pro - and d.o.o.
Lucija Bačić ; Sveučilište u Splitu, Sveučilišni studijski centar za stručne studije, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Informatics and communication technology (ICT) are the most dynamic creators of all globalisation process and the strongest developer of global economy, and tourism is one of the most relevant and the fastest growing economic directions. Applying and consuming new technologies and ICT solutions delivers systematic innovations in monitoring and adjustments of up to date trends and individual tourist demands, wishes and expectations. Present solutions programme and applications develops daily and grow faster then ever before, being multiplied every hour. In spite exceptional potentials of Croatian tourism and all the possibilities of its further development as the strongest impulse of the general economy of Croatia, it is still not enough relied on use of new technologies. This study will present innovative and efficient entrepreneur project that relies on modern technologies that combines promotion of original and traditional Croatian gastronomy as a recipe book/cook book, with the expectations of now day tourists. ‚Original Croatian cookbook‘ is online application for iPad and Android tablets, as well for smart phones, linked with web and Facebook application. Geocoded map guides to a specific region where one can taste the exact dish with its practical use trough all Croatian gastro largeness, simultaneously being very important direct multilingual communication channel to all the visitors of Croatia.

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new technologies; innovations; tourism, and gastronomy

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