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Family correspondents of Antun Vrančić (1504-1573): Biographical data and location of manuscripts

Diana Sorić

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Croatian humanist and Primate of Hungary, Antun Vrančić ( 1504 - 1573) has built his diplomatic and political career at the courts of European rulers, first of all Ivan Zapolja and then Ferdinand I and his son Maximilian II. Also he achieved the highest honours
in church hierarchy - in 1571. he became archbishop of Esztergom and primate of Hungarian church. As a humanist and Latinist, Vrančić wrote, among other things, extensive epistolary whose manuscripts are mostly preserved and located in the library Széchényi in Budapest, but also in the National and University Library in Zagreb. From a total of 791 letters which Antun wrote, 89 belong to the family correspondence, and from a total of 259 addressees with whom he corresponded, 10 belong to members of family. These are father Frane Vrančić, brothers Mihovil, Petar and Ivan Vrančić, uncle Ivan Statilic, nephews Faust and Kazimir Vrancic, sisters-in-law Katarina and Laura Vrančić and cousin Jeronim Domicije. Based on the relevant literature and archival sources, this paper gives biographical
data of these family addresses. The paper also points out some inconsistencies and errors which are found in the literature and these are not only indicated, but, where possible, it is also offered an accurate solution. Finally, by examining the manuscript materials, the list of all the letters that belong to the corpus of family correspondence is given by two tables. In Table 1 are the letters that Antun Vrančić sent to family members, and in Table 2 are letters which Antun got from them. In the tables are given following information: the name of the addressee, the date of the letter, a toponym from where the letter was sent, incipit, location and signature of manuscripts, information on whether the letter is preserved in the autograph or in the copy of notary, foliation of manuscripts and pagination of the letters in the Hungarian edition Szalay – Wenzel.

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Antun Vrančić; corespondence; family correspondents; biographical data; Mihovil Vrančić; Humanism

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