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The Activity of Zvonimir Požgaj in Zadar 1946–1949

Antonija Mlikota ; Sveučilište u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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The paper deals with the activity of Zvonimir Požgaj in Zadar following the end of World War Two. Zvonimir Požgaj was one of many intellectuals, who were either voluntarily or as a punishment sent to fill different posts in the heavily destroyed city of Zadar. From the documentation that is in safekeeping at the State Archives in Zadar, it is evident that his active professional engagement in Zadar started in 1946, and – according to his personal writings and the saved documentation – lasted until 1949. Moreover, as a result of archival study, all of his so-far known projects for Zadar are presented in the paper: the restoration of the Municipal Loggia; the adaptation of Proveditor’s Palace; partly realised bathing establishment on Puntamika and twin building with coffee-house on Nova riva; and non-realised summer terrace on Kaštel bastion. Zvonimir Požgaj’s engagement in Zadar was of a rather wide range, and it surpassed the boundaries of architecture and building: he dealt with many culture- and tourism-related problems, as well as with issues regarding the normalisation of life in the destroyed city. The term požgajevština and its true meaning in Zadar of those times are tackled as well. The fact that Požgaj was actively engaged in Zadar has so far remained either unknown or at least not recorded in his biographies.

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Zvonimir Požgaj, Klema Požgaj, Zadar, architecture, 20th century

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