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Different aspects of body image and eating habits in adolescence

Alessandra Pokrajac-Bulian
Lavinia Stubbs
Neala Ambrosi-Randić

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Body Image is a multidimensional construct which plays a very important role in the development of eating disorders. The purpose of this research was to examine the contribution of global dissatisfaction and affective and cognitive aspects of body image in the development of some symptoms of eating disorders. 270 secondary first and fourth grade schoolgirls participated in this research. The results obtained on girls with differing body mass index has shown that girls with normal weight are the most dissatisfied with their body appearance while seriously underweight girls are significantly more satisfied and less anxious about their appearance. It is established that global body dissatisfaction and body consciousness of social standards which refer to appearance are significant predictors of symptoms of eating disorders (dieting, bulimic behavior, fear of weight gain and food preoccupation). Results of this research are explained in the context of sociocultural theories about the etiology and maintenance of body dissatisfaction.

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body image, eating disorders, body dissatisfaction, anxiety, consciousness and internalization of the thin ideal

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