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The Coin Finds from the Vlaška njiva Necropolis at Vis

Maja Bonačić Mandinić

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The necropolis of Vlaška njiva at Vis (ancient Issa)
was excavated in 1983. A total of 249 tombs datable to
the Hellenistic and Roman periods (from the 2nd century
BC to late antiquity) were explored. The excavations
yielded 94 coins, most of which were found in
burials. Coins were deposited as grave offerings in as
many as 54 tombs; occasionally, several coins come
from a single burial. Fourteen coins were found in the
trenches, between the graves, and in the spoil heaps
of discarded stones and soil. This essay comprises a
catalogue of all the coins found in the 1983 excavations,
albeit without a description of their archaeological
context. All the finds from the necropolis and
full details concerning the contents of the graves will
be discussed in another study. Among the coins from
Vlaška njiva are 17 Greek, 70 Roman (17 Republican,
53 Imperial), and two Roman Provincial issues. In addition,
five modern coins were recovered.

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Vis, Issa, Vlaška njiva, necropolis, Greek coinage, Roman coinage, Roman Provincial coinage

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