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Vjekoslav Jerolimov ; Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti
Vatroslav Bubalo ; Klinièki zavod za stomatološku protetiku, KB Dubrava

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Orofacial injuries are common in sporting activities,
depending on type of sport and many other circumstances.
Orofacial injuries and dysfunctions are result of
macrotraumas (acute and strong hits) and microtraumas
(repetitive injuring) resulting in various symptomatology,
with temporary or permanent cessation of sport activity.
In sporting activities it is very important to limit or
completely avoid injury risk. Most injuries in sports are
predictable and therefore preventable. Measures for
preventing orofacial injuries and dysfunctions in sporting
activities include various types of protection appliances:
extraoral, intra-oral and combined mouth and teeth
Intraoral (interdental) sports guards (mouthguards)
can be stock or ready-made, mouth-formed (self-adapted)
or custom-made mouthguards. These mouthguards,
mutually different in quality, play a very important role in
prevention of orofacial tissue injuries: protect teeth and
soft tissues against injuries, upper and lower jaw fractures,
prevent dislocation of temporomandibular joint, and also
reduce frequency and severity of head and neck injuries.
Use of mouthguards significantly reduces the number of
orofacial tissue injuries, i.e. for about 10 to 60 times, and
also reduces the severity of sustained injuries.
Sports injuries, as well as those to orofacial and
temporomandibular area, regardless of whether they are
incurred in recreational or competitive sport, require
multidisciplinary approach, both in diagnostics and
treatment and in implementation of prevention measures.
Sports doctors, coaches, sports officials, parents and
athletes themselves should also be permanently educated
on the exceptional importance of prevention measures,
thus making the role of sports dentist unavoidable.

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