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Hrvoje Brlečić ; Kineziološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Lana Ružić ; Kineziološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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To prevent hypo and hyperglycemia during exercise,
diabetics need to adjust their nutrition and insulin dosage.
The aim of this study was to determine whether and how
physical activity affects the blood glucose levels and the
required amount of insulin in previously sedentary
patients suffering from type 1 diabetes.
Thirty subjects (mean age 26,8±8,6; range 16-49 years),
17 female and 13 male, underwent the one month
training procedure consisting of either dominantly aerobic
type of training (34% of subjects) anaerobic type of
training (20% of subjects) or mixed (46% of subjects). All
of the subjects suffered from diabetes mellitus, type 1 and
were receiving insulin therapy. The values of HbA1c, the
mean blood glucose concentration and the number of
insulin units received daily were recorded before and after
the exercise intervention. The monitored parameters were
measured once again after the intervention. The results of
the Student t-test for independent samples showed that the
mean values of HbA1c decreased significantly (7,95±0,73
vs. 7,74±0,56%; p<0,001). Similarly, the decrease in the
daily insulin unit consumption was also statistically
significant (52,1±6,0 Ins units vs. 42,68±5,2 units;
p<0,001), and mean blood glucose as well (8,25±0,78 vs.
7,84±0,68 mmol/L; p < 0,001). No differences were found
but as for the problem of the small number of subjects in
each group we could not claim that those do not exist
(ANOVA results: Wilks Lambda = 0,715, F (6,22) = 0,679; p
= 0,674). Even though we were unable to determine the
relation between the type of the activity and the decrease
of the monitored parameters, we did manage to confirm
the relation of those with the activity volume. Nonparametric
correlation test confirmed statistically
significant correlations between the volume of the daily
physical activity in minutes and the decrease in HbA1c
(Spearman R= 0,57); mean blood glucose decrease
(Spearman R= 0,44) and the daily insulin units used
(Spearman R= 0,54)

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diabetes mellitus, exercise, insulin

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