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Sunčica Hasagić Rakovac
Ivan Rakovac
Martina Čanaki

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The main goal of this paper is to describe some of the
most common golf injuries. Golf is a sport of high
popularity and increasing number of players in the world.
In our Croatia golf is growing dominantly as one of key
elements development of planned tourism development in
our country. The intensities of the activity is low, but the
duration is high and as there is no contact to other players,
it is not categorized as sport where injuries are frequent.
Though , several type of injuries are present in the
amateur and professional golf as well. The golf swing is a
complex coordinated movement engaging almost entire
body musculature, and is being characterized with body
rotations in all axis. The factors that may affect the
occurrence of injuries are repetitive movements and/or
large impact forces, improper technique during one of the
swing phases, equipment/golf clubs change or the clubs
that are not appropriate to the level of golfers quality,
technique, physical condition, age and gender. The lower
back injury is the most common injury in golf, more
precisely it is a rupture of the back muscles and overuse
syndromes or inflammation of muscle insertions. The
elbow and forearm injuries are in second place injuries
occurrence in amateur and professional golf, which are
followed by ankle and foot injury, shoulder, upper arm and
knee injury. The expert knowledge in field of kinesiology
and training process, swing biomechanics and physical
preparation have a direct influence the reduction of
locomotor system load during the game and thus reduces
the incidence of injuries

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injury, golf, golfer's fracture, golfer's elbow, low back pain

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