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Educational process in multiethnic areas of east Slavonia and Baranja

Ladislav Bognar ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Osijeku Odsjek za pedagogiju
Sanja Španja ; studentica poslijediplomskog studija Pravnog fakulteta u Zagrebu

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The paper analyses the way the local media, namely the newspapers Glas Slavonije and Vukovarske novine, cover the educational process in multiethnic areas. Most texts deal with organisational problems in schools and relations between ethnic groups. Bullying in schools is a frequent topic, whereas positive initiatives or achievements and youth problems are not given enough attention. The structure of the texts reflects the existing situation and problems in the educational process, as well as normalisation processes that gradually set in, but it is equally indicative of the general attitude of the press, i.e. it tells us to what extent the texts are focused on the reconstruction of a post-war society and to what extent the newspapers themselves encourage conflict and intolerance. The analysed press cannot be viewed in a positive light when it comes to that problem. The current situation should be changed and the changes should be twofold: those working in the media should be better trained and educated about such a complex problem and school employees should be more cooperative and open to the public and the media.

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multiethnic areas; media; educational process; minorities; reconstruction of the society; developing trust

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