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Th e Book of Revelation as an Action Plan of Resistance in Globalisation

Ksenija Magda ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Sveučilišni studijeki program Protestantske teologije

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In this paper Revelation is read as a historically based narrative, as Fiorenza put it, theopoetically. It is primarily concerned with the structure of Revelation, and therein with the intercalation about the „small book“ in 10:1-15:4, where the bigger part of this narrative
is attributed to the „seven visions“. Th ese are not counted by John, as are the other Septets in Revelation, which presents a problem for commentators. A reading from narrative criticism is convenient for the understanding of this section and also of Revelation as a whole.
Th is paper is divided into three parts to show that Revelation was meant to explain the purpose of Christian suff ering in the world. It is a call for a war, but that war has already been won in the heavenly realm, so its earthly outcomes are secured. Th is is particularly
visible in the conquering ways of Christ’s witnesses, as they stand steadfast against a globalizing abuse of power and materialism even in suff ering and death. In the first part of the paper the shortcomings of some of the prevalent interpretations are explored, particularly of the dispensational premillenianism. In the second part the structure of
Revelation is examined and Greimas’ actant model applied (as suggested by Schüssler Fiorenza). Th is shows that the intercalation has a slightly diff erent actant structure, which is telling. Th e role of Christian witnesses becomes evident as salvifi c for the world, and the Devil is revealed as God’s agent in the judgment of the world. The third part then suggests ways to understand some of the concrete elements in the text and shows how they contribute to this holistic reading.

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Book od Revelation: structure, theopoetic approach, christian witness, globalisation, dispensationalism, premillenianism

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