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Eternal But Forgotten Mission

Paul Z. Gregor ; Sveučilište Andrews, SAD

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str. 131-140

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It is evident that Jesus clearly outlined the mission for his followers and the fi rst Christian community to proclaim the good news throughout the world. However, this mission seems to be totally absent in the Old Testament, at least on surface. Th is research will
show that God’s mission for the entire humanity was set as early as the time before sin came to this world. Principle of servitude and preservation of His image was God’s primary concern and goal for human race. Research will show that this mission was never
abandoned but present through entire Old Testament time. Furthermore, life and teaching of Christ were based on the same mission portrayed in the Old Testament, which was also inherited by the Christian Church. Unfortunately, through ages the Church lost
this mission which was the reason for their existence in the fi rst place.

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Jesus’ mission, mission in the Old testament, mission in the Christian Church

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