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The Heck Reaction - A Powerful Tool in Contemporary Organic Synthesis

R. Kobetić
N. Biliškov

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The Heck reaction is defined as a Pd(0)-mediated coupling of an aryl or vinyl halide or sulfonate with an alkene under basic conditions. The real push to study and utilize this powerful tool for C-C cross coupling reactions started about 15 years ago. The application of the Heck reaction ranges from the preparation of simple hydrocarbons, bridged cyclic structures, spiro-compounds, tetra-substituted carbon centers, novel polymers, to new advanced enantioselective synthesis of natural products.

The aim of this mini review is to summarize the current state of understanding of the basics of the Heck reaction mechanism, describe various and sometimes mysterious compositions of applicable catalyst, as well as to review the important recent developments and applications of this principle.

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Heck reaction

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