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Integral equation approach for proximity effect in a line constituted by two solid conductors of circular cross section

Tatijana Dlabač orcid id ; Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Montenegro, Dobrota 36, 85330 Kotor, Montenegro
Dragan Filipović ; Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro, Bul. Dzordza Vasingtona bb, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

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This paper presents an analysis of the proximity effect in a line consisting of two identical solid conductors of circular cross section. Integral equation for the current distribution in one of the conductors is solved approximately by assuming the current density in the form of a finite double polynomial series and by applying the point matching procedure. The current distribution obtained by the presented method has been checked by implementing the FEMM 4.0 software package. Also, the a.c. to d.c. resistance ratio is calculated and the results are compared to the available ones, and a good agreement is exhibited.

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a.c. to d.c. resistance ratio, circular cross section conductors, current distribution, proximity effect

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