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Ivana Medica Ružić ; Veleučilište Baltazar Zaprešić, Hrvatska
Mario Dumančić ; Veleučilište Baltazar Zaprešić, Hrvatska

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Today’s world is bringing us a “specific weight”, especially when we are talking about life and work of kids, students and young. Numerous changes in our environment and various influences of our living environment, such as a fast pace of development of information and communication technology reflect on the growth and development of children, students and youth. New generations of children are actually the generations of video games players who spend a lot of their time on video games. These generations are called "millennial" generations. They have been surrounded by fast everyday prosperity and development of information and communication technologies. Therefore, this is the way they communicate with themselves and their environment. According to the above, we emphasize the need to update and integrate a new curriculum which would take into consideration the needs of children, students and youth whose natural environment is, whether we want to admit it or not, the use of information-communication technologies. From that perspective, the gamification is the opportunity to increase the interest in children, students and youth, as well as to motivate them, connect and empower their communication and sharing. Gamification can enable the use of well thought off mechanisms which enable winning of badges, collecting points, going to the new levels or winning the prizes. In order to put it onto the next level, communication platforms such as sharing the tasks, exchange of ideas and expressing of the opinions are used. These type of activities may cause the children, students and youth to take a different view of the educational goals and achievements, as something proactive, dynamic and fun, and not only as dull and obligatory. When we say gamification, we don’t always strictly think of the creation of the game. It is actually the use of mechanisms, design and elements in a non-fun environment, with the goal to promote the motivation, effort and loyalty. Gamification in education is important to achieve goals and missions in the future of the comprehensive educational system.

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information-communication technology, education, students

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