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Croatian contributions to Protestantism and the Catholic spiritual renewal with a special review of the work done by Cardinal Juraj Drašković

Đuro Franković

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Cardinal Juraj II. Drašković was among the first to play a key part in the Catholic renewal of Croatia and Ugarska that began with the Primate Antun Vrančić and the Archbishop and royal vicar Miklos Telegdij. It took an astounding amount of wisdom and tact for the Croatian son, the Bishop of Pecs, Zagreb and Đur and the Archbishop of Kalač and Cardinal Drašković to strengthen the Catholic Church in the Kingdom of Ugarska and Croatian lands. It was the proper moment for preventing the advancement of Protestantism. Drašković was among the first to enforce Church reform in the spirit of the Council of Trident and took measures, as the Bishop of Pecs (but also as the Bishop of Zagreb and the Ban of Croatia and the later Bishop of Đur), to stop further advancement of the Reformation by simultaneously founding school institutions and starting up and strengthening the education of ministers in Upper Ugarska i.e. Slovakia today. On the emigration of the Vlach population from Western Papuk, Ravna gora and Psunj as well as neighboring areas by the end of the 16th and the start of the 17th century. The process of emigration from the area in question at the end of the 16th and the start of the 17th century (with the immigration that followed) created ethnic, language, socio-economic and cultural relations that were the basis of the following spatial organization and structuring of the populace which is still relevant today. The defeats of Ottoman troops at the border of the Ottoman and Habsburg imperial systems and the lands between the rivers Sava and Drava had more and more effect on the Christians in the Ottoman bordering sanjaks. The Vlach population of the Pakrac and Cerna sanjak, especially, started to organize themselves and cross over to the Habsburg side in a greater number at the end of the 16th century. That should be specially observed in the context of the „long war” (circa 1591 – 1606). This article only provides some basic information which illustrates the emigration of Vlach Serbian Orthodox populace from Western Papuk, Ravna gora and Psunj, as well as the neighboring areas, at the end of the 16th and the beginning of 17th century to the lands of Croatia-Slavonia Vojna Krajina

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