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On the Proto-Slavic inherited lexicon in the Croatian Kajkavian dialects

Pavao Krmpotić

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The paper offers an etymological description of several Kajkavian lexemes inherited from the Proto-Slavic period. Some of them are not mentioned in any etymological dictionary of Croatian and this is the first description of their origin. The analysis of their distribution and cognates among the other Slavic languages gives the possibility of discerning the derivational and semantic correspondences between the Kajkavian and the West Slavic speaking area. This is because the cognates of the Kajkavian lexemes, such as čara (line), smika (part of a snow sledges) and mrha (animal corpse), are attested only in the Slovenian and the West Slavic languages. That exclusive part of the Kajkavian inherited lexicon, along with the phonological and morphological correspondences is a relevant evidence of the close genetic relationship between the Kajkavian and the West Slavic dialects.

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Kajkavian etymology, Proto-Slavic language, inherited lexicon, Croatian dialects, dialect continuum

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