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Subjective symptoms and blood pressure values in textile workers

M. Gomzi ; Institut za medicinska istraživanja i medicinu rada, Zagreb, Hrvatska
K. Bauer-Ilijević ; Dom zdravlja Daruvar, Daruvar, Hrvatska

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str. 239-246

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In two knitwear plants 87 knitters and 77 other workers were medically examined in view of some subjective difficulties such as headache, dizziness, physical and psychical overstrain etc. Blood pressure measurement, physical examination of the varicose veins as well as relevant anthropometric measurements were performed in two groups of knitters, all females working in the upright posture, and in two groups of control workers. The mean values of both systolic (15.7 kPa) and diastolic pressures (10.4 kPa) were significantly lower in one group of knitters. In this group the blood pressure values were in a weak negative correlation with age and relevant anthropometric variables; in control workers the correlations were as expected. There was no difference in blood pressure values between the other group of knitters and control subjects. The prevalence rate of dilated veins was highest among older knitters. The results indicate that a static provocative factor associated with peripheral venous stasis is partly responsible for the reported subjective symptoms, especially in young, asthenic females with low blood pressure.

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