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Styles and Faces of the Gučetić Villa in Trsteno: Results of Conservation-Restoration Research

Krasanka Majer Jurišić orcid id ; Hrvatski restauratorski zavod, Zagreb

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The time of construction and stylistic features of the Gučetić villa have thus far been discussed on the basis of detailed analysis of archival records and through the assessment of preserved elements of sculptural decoration. However, the recently conducted conservation-restoration research has provided additional information regarding the visual aspect and function of the original villa, as well as the characteristics of subsequent modifications, façade renovations and interior decoration. Besides the Renaissance phase, the research has enabled the identification of other architectural stages: late-17th century phase of Baroque restoration after the earthquake of 1667, 19th- and early-20th century phase which resulted in a gradual shift in the function of the villa transformed into permanent residence of the owner, followed by a late Romanticist interior decoration campaign, and finally the contemporary phase which completely deprived the villa of its original function as the central structure of a family countryside estate. However, the idea of the original construction and layout of the villa and the idea of the single-axis concept of its Renaissance garden have been preserved and mostly respected during the entire history of the complex, which distinguishes it from other examples in the Dubrovnik area. The Gučetić villa is one of the few (or perhaps the only) villas on the territory of the former Republic of Ragusa which has preserved the characteristic connection between architecture and nature, inherent to villa architecture in general. In the context of present findings and possible conclusions, the planned restoration of the villa and the Arboretum should be guided by this concept in order to re-emphasize the humanist element of the organization of both architecture and its natural surroundings, bearing in mind the principles and methods of contemporary theories of heritage protection and the previously determined preconditions for the restoration of villas in the Dubrovnik area in general.

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villa Gučetić, Trsteno, Renaissance, earthquake of 1667, renovation, 19th and 20th century, architectural phases

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