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Research on diameter growth and increment of some Mexican pines

Dušan Klepac ; The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb, Croatia

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Research on pine diameter growth and increment was carried out in different Mexican forests. Many sample plots were established in the pine stands of central, southern and northern parts of Mexico (State of Mexico, State of Michoacan and State of Chihuahua respectively). The following six pines and one fir, selected on the sample plots, were cut: Pinus patula Schlecht. et Cham., Pinus Montezumae Lamb., Pinus Michoacana Martinez, Pinus leiophylla Cham., Pinus douglasiana Martinez, Pinus lawsoni Roezl. and Abies religiosa (H.B.K.) Schlechtendal et Chamisso. Diameter growth and increment curve were constructed by means of a stem analysis. Data about diameter growth and increment indicate the relation between the diameter outside the bark and the diameter inside the bark. The diameter growth of the investigated pines was compared with the diameter growth of pines from Germany, Croatia, New Zealand and Mexico. In the pine forests of Pinus durangensis the breast height diameter increment was measured by Pressler’s increment borer.

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pine diameter; growth; diameter increment; stem analysis; Mexico

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