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Mind-Body Practice by Persons With Multiple Sclerosis

Merisanda Časar Rovazdi ; Lipik Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation, Lipik, Croatia
Viktor Vidović ; Lipik Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation, Lipik, Croatia
Senka Rendulić Slivar ; Lipik Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation, Lipik, Croatia
Oto Karml ; Lipik Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation, Lipik, Croatia

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The objectives of the study were to assess the prevalence of mind-body practice by persons with multiple sclerosis (MS) and analyze the relationship of age, sex, clinical course of MS, level of incapacity, and time elapsed from MS diagnosis. The study included 120 patients with MS who underwent inpatient rehabilitation at the Lipik Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation in the period from May 1, 2015 to October 10, 2015. For the purposes of the study, a semi-structured questionnaire on the current usage of mind-body procedures was applied. Closed ended questions referred to the use of the following procedures: meditation, deep-breathing exercises, hypnotherapy, yoga, biofeedback, chiropractic, massage, reflexology, bioenergy, and magnetic therapy. The studied patients were divided into two groups according to whether they practiced or did not practice mind-body procedures. Comparison of the variables was performed using Student’s t-test and a Pearson correlation test. At the time of the study, 37 (30.8%) MS patients reported currently practicing one or more mind-body procedures. Respondents most commonly were practicing meditation (n=13; 10.8%), followed by massage (n=10; 8.3%), acupuncture (n=7; 5.8%), bioenergy healing (n=7; 5.8%), magnetic therapy (5; 4.2%), chiropractic (n=5; 4.2%), yoga (n=3; 2.5%), tai chi (n=2; 1.7%), and reflexology (n=1; 0.8%). There was no statistically significant difference according to age (p=0.520), sex (p=0.448), EDDS score (p=0.489), disease duration (p=0.963) and disease course (p=0.932) between the groups of respondents practicing and those not practicing mind-body procedures. Regarding the widespread use of various mind-body procedures, there is a need to actively monitor MS patients in order to provide them with guidance when using these procedures.

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multiple sclerosis, complementary and alternative medicine, mind-body procedures

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