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Anthropological-Ethical Perspective in Freud’s Psychoanalysis

Željko Senković

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In ethical relativism characteristical for Freud, moral and the meaning of being are in the end determined by the economy of libido. Such attitudes are enabled by action being reduced to naturally caused determinism, where construction of the theoretical model of psychological functioning acts as an intermediary, and the possibility of non-empirical causality from freedom is disregarded. Freud’s orientation towards biology (he considered himself a scientist of nature) has resulted in his stand on psychological motivations as a result of chemical-physiological processes, which are, in addition, primarily determined by hereditary or constitutional factors. Nevertheless, it is with Freud that the psychoanalysis has had the strongest cultural and anthropological impetus.

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Freud, moral, libido, determinism, eros, thanatos, psychoanalysis

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