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Is There an Intrinsic Worth in Animal Life?

Constantin Stamatis ; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Law, University Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

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The article argues that moral autonomy and dignity as intrinsic values are borne only by members of mankind, and not by nonhuman animals. Although humans and animals inevitably cohabit nature, they cannot be considered to be united together within a moral community. However, animal life and formidable biological diversity are definitely worthy of existence on our planet, even if one day mankind vanishes from Earth. While animals are clearly not agents, they may well be recipients of moral obligations to be met by human agency. Treating animals in a decent way is a moral duty to ourselves. Following Kant, this duty is justifiable on the grounds that the animal world exhibits a certain analogy to mankind. Cautious concern for the natural world strengthens then our worth as rational beings.

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humans; animals; autonomy; dignity; intrinsic worth; Immanuel Kant

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