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Standard Croatian and Its Disobedient Cities (Or, About an Anticipation of Croatian Sociolinguistics)

Ivo Žanić ; Fakultet političkih znanosti Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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1950s were abundant in discussions about Neo-štokavian normative accents and their non-acceptance by speakers in the Zagreb region, especially concerning the accent transfer in loan words. Taking part in the polemics, in 1952 Slavko Pavešić published a paper presenting Croatian speakers’ linguistics practices in a completely new manner, that is, as conditioned by cultural, economic and demographic dynamics of the respective society, urban/rural dichotomy and unique dialectal situation. Founded on such categories, the paper is still impetus-providing and should be considered as a pioneering sociolinguistic study in Croatia.

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Neo-štokavian accents, dialects, linguistic prestige, urban/rural dichotomy, center/periphery dichotomy

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