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Placement study of composite vibration isolation system for machinery equipment

Huang Wei
Xu Jian
Zhu Da-Yong
Luo Fei
Lu Jian-Wei
Lu Kun-Lin

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str. 203-210

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In traditional vibration isolation and placement
studies, vibration participation of foundation is
often ignored, and optimizations are focused on the
improvements of isolated object and isolation
system. In this paper, clamped thin plate was
considered as the foundation, and "machinery
equipment vibration isolator foundation" was
proposed as a composite vibration isolation
system. Based on the theory of mechanical fourpole
connection, transmitted force from equipment
to plate was derived, and the intermediate variable
was the displacement admittance of contact points
(isolators) on the plate. To peruse the optimal
placement, a novel procedure has been
programmed, and two cases of arrangement
direction have been involved. This study could give
a lot of inspiration for vibration isolation and
placement strategies of engineering equipment so
that extended researches based on this could be

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placement, machinery equipment, composite vibration isolation system, admittance, arrangement direction

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