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The Population of Rogotin in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries

Maja Šunjić

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str. 347-389

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The article analyzes the population of Rogotin near Ploče in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century on the basis of information derived from parish registers of births, marriages and deaths, but also from the Status Animarum. In addition to anthroponymic analysis of personal names, nicknames and surnames, the article affords evidence on the basic demographic determinants (natality, nuptiality, mortality), as well as the structural breakdown by confession and occupation.
Compared with Dalmatia, Rogotin shows a major deviation in the decline of pre-marital conceptions which, together with a relatively small proportion of illegitimate births, testify to the strict moral attitudes of a small village community. A comparison between the places of origin of married women and those of the godparents suggests the prevalence of imported brides (mainly from the broader Neretva area), which ought to be viewed as evasion of the local marriage pool rather than establishment of lively relations with other communities. Rogotin mortality by age also differs from the rest of Dalmatia with an excess death rate of the middle-aged cohorts* of both genders. Most of other parameters, however, tend to follow the general demographic trends of Dalmatia.

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