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Religious abuse in the Christian context, considering the role of shame

Hannah A. Schulz orcid id ; Malteški duhovni centar, Köln, Njemačka

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This article draws attention to the issue of power abuse In a Christian context. Facts are indicated and mechanisms described. Two case histories are followed by the clarification of the terms abuse, emotional abuse and shame. The interactions of perpetrators, victims and the ideological foundations in emotional abuse are pre-sented with special consideration of the role of shame as a means and a consequence of abusive relationships.
Typical aspects of religious abuse in the Christian context are described in detail, particularly different methods which use Christian concepts to put pressure on others: distortion of Christian truth, reinterpretation of biblical terms, Christian exaggerations, spiritualisation and demonization, Christian shortcuts and “magic formulas” and others. In conclusion, based on biblical statements, some propositions are made for preventing and abolishing spiritual abuse.

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emotional abuse; spiritual abuse; shame; Christian ideologies; victims

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