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Stjepan Domjančić orcid id ; Ministarstvo obrane Republike Hrvatske
Dijana Gracin orcid id ; Ministarstvo obrane Republike Hrvatske

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The term strategy has been developed in the military organization and from there went into other areas of activity. However, since the mid-20th century, understanding the strategies that had been designed in the business world, it is returned to the military, defence and security sector, and such an understanding of strategy has become more dominant and more widespread than the traditional, original understanding. The problem arises when the tools developed in the framework of business understanding of strategy has been translated into the area of defence and security, because in this process there are reductions in all those aspects that can not be quantified.
This paper focuses specifically on the strategic conceptualization in the field of security and defence, especially because of that reduction of strategy in the area of security and defence; due to increased interest in security and military issues that are present in modern societies (the issue of securitization), but that interest is characterized by a high level of superficiality and the domination of daily political inputs; due to traditionally high importance of security issues for the community; and due to a series of unsuccessful attempts of strategic conceptualization in the security area in Croatia.
The paper provides a brief overview of the attempts to shape a consistent theory of strategy, through the review of ends, ways, means models.
At the end paper provides case study – adoption of Croatian strategy for preventing and combating terrorism through that the weaknesses of recent Croatian practice in making strategy in the field of security and defence are very well visible.

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strategy, security, defence, theory of strategy

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