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Maristela Primorac

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Wind, sun, water, biomass, geothermal sources – great potential of renewable energy sources – are completely free and inexhaustible. Electricity and thermal energy, which are necessary to man for the modern way of life and work, can be produced from these sources. During the process of producing electricity and thermal energy, enivironment does not become polluted. The Republic of Croatia, especially some of its parts, because of the high number of sunny days and favorable geographic location, have an extremely favorable natural conditions for the production of electricity from photovoltaic systems. Technically usable potential for photovoltaic and solar thermal systems is large, but unfortunately only partially used. Those systems are usually integrated into existing buildings without occupying usable plots. The Republic of Croatia announces the annual quota every year for the production of electricity from renewable sources, but this quota is insufficient and thus reduces investors’ interest to enter into competition, because that kind of investment is not safe. Over the next years, it is expected that quotas will be increased, but beside that, an investment of distributors in existing infrastructure is necessary to improve the management of energy sources. Environmental pollution and emissions are reduced by using renewable energy sources.

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renewable energy sources, photovoltaic systems, electricity and thermal energy

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