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The development of a frequency converter for high speed permanent magnet generators in cogeneration plants

Božo Terzić ; Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Split, Split, Croatia
Marin Despalatović
Goran Majić
Marijan Stergulc
Ante Kriletić
Krste Šormaz

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This paper describes the development of a frequency converter for high speed generators with permanent magnets that are used in cogeneration plants. A specific requirement of the converter is a transformable high frequency of the fundamental voltage harmonic. Therefore, two variants of the frequency converter in which the grid converter is the same for both structures are considered; while on the generator side of one variant, the converter based on a diode rectifier and step-up DC converter is used. On the generator side of the second variant, there is a three-phase inverter with IGBT transistors which have the same structure as the grid converter. The paper first describes the structure of power and control circuits of the frequency inverter, then the basic characteristics of the mechanical design of the power circuit of the three-phase IGBT inverter, as well as the control electronic boards that have been developed and tested. Furthermore, the paper also describes the basic features of the high speed motor generator group that serves to test the developed frequency converters. Finally, the results of the measurements on the laboratory model of the frequency converter with a diode bridge and a step-up DC / DC converter are presented.

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frequency converter, permanent magnet generator, high speed electric machines

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