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Synonym(it)y and the use of verbs ending in -avati and -ivati

Branko Kuna ; Filozofski fakultet - Osijek
Ana Mikić ; Filozofski fakultet - Osijek

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This paper discusses the use and frequency of verbs formed by suffixes -avati and -ivati, which are derived by means of imperfective and iterative processes. Although the norm prescribes distribution rules of these two suffixes, a significant number of double forms in the language of public communication have been noticed, sometimes in places where they did not occur a century ago. In order to determine their frequency, their occurrence in the language of the press in two periods, before and after the year 1990, was studied. The use of the two forms in private communication was discussed on the basis of a conducted survey.

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suffixal word-formation; suffixes -avati and -ivati; imperfective processes; iterative processes; functional styles

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