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Conducting Significant Changes in Elementary Education in the Shade of Education System Reforms

Branko Bognar ; Fakultet za odgojne i obrazovne znanosti, Osijek, Republika Hrvatska
Mirko Lukaš ; Filozofski fakultet u Osijeku

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str. 39-52

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During the last sixty years, there have been several attempts of reforming the Croatian educational system which have, despite the efforts of experts and invested funds, made relatively few significant changes in the educational practice. Based on the analysis of the reform documents we have proved that the vast majority of changes were related to creating new documents (strategies, educational programmes, and curriculum). This indicates the top‐down approach to the introduced changes. We believe that every change should begin and end in the minds and practices of practitioners. Teachers should be supported to show their creative potential and encouraged to strive for the professional development in order to produce something valuable. This assistance should primarily come from the people in their local communities, and very little should depend on the detailed elaboration of the reform documents and plans the practitioners should only accomplish. Significant changes can only happen if teachers, professional associates, and headmasters are given more freedom and support in the development of innovative curricula that will suit the educational needs and interests of their students. This would increase their sense of empowerment, and consequently their motivation and interest for realization of significant changes.

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curriculum; education system; reform; significant changes

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