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Teaching and Learning Music in 21st Century: Music in Context

Tomislav Seletković ; Osnovna škola kralja Tomislava, Privatna klasična gimnazija - Zagreb, Rebulika Hrvatska
Zrinka Šimunović ; Osnovna škola Ivana Mažuranića, Vinkovci, Glazbena škola Josip Runjanin, Vinkovcki, Republika Hrvatska
Nikolina Matoš ; Muzička akademija Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Republika Hrvatska

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The aim of this work is to get closer to a modern approach of teaching and learning, which refers to the contextualization of music / art, where the work is not seen as an isolated artifact, but represents as a kaleidoscope of different, clear but hidden, influences ‐ artistic, cultural and social. Therefore, the task of teaching is to encourage students to seek and detect different roles and influences of music and the music in a variety of space‐time. Musical art as well as any other art has not created nor developed in a vacuum. It had always been reflected a multitude of context with which it was in the correlation.The creators of the modern curriculum are aware of the modern curriculum of music teaching , which provide space for student to research the key influences on the music in the past and today. Starting from the matter itself ‐ a musical work ‐ students describe music from the environment, spreading gradually towards the global spheres. They learn about music‐ stylistic periods, types of music and contemporary genres, simultaneously comparing the role of the music and the conditions in which it's developed or performed, but also exploring how music and expressive elements affect on the unique experience of art and how different influences form cultural identity. Confronted with a dynamic and interlaced laces in the correlation of culture students accept cultural differences and understand its coexistence. They connect different types of knowledge and skills within and between arts, combining the views of art and culture. The observation of context, first of all socio‐historical and cultural, is the key to a true experience, a complete understanding and reasonable evaluation of musical and artistic creativity, and this is one of the most important goals of of teaching.

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music experience, cultural identity, music teaching, curriculum of musical culture and art

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