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Correlation of Early Parental Messages with Mental Health and Behavioral Disorders in Adolescents in Kiseljak

Franka Milišić ; Centar za mentalno zdravlje, Dom Zdravlja, Kiseljak, Hrvatska
Sonja Barić ; Kiseljak
Gordana Berc ; Studijski centar socijalnog rada Pravnog fakulteta u Zagrebu, Hrvatska

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To develop a child personality and his successful socialization, family relationships, and especially the relationship between parents and child is fundamental. Messages that parents refer to their child on every day level affecting his development and maturation, both physically and mentally, with no difference if messages are sent consciously or
unconsciously, accidentally or intentionally. The paper is focused on the correlation of early parental messages with mental health and behavioral disorders in adolescents in Kiseljak. In this respect, the concept of early parental messages by E. Berne is discussed. Based on
this concept J. Jankovic and his associates developed required instruments applied in a few research projects. It is confirmed that there is a correlation in early parental messages with mental health of adolescents in Kiseljak. It was found that the message of love and
ratification by both parents are associated with lower levels of adolescents’ neuroticism. Greater empowerment and encouragement of mothers and fathers are associated with a lower degree of adolescents’ psychoticism. The parental confirmation of the child’s competence from both father and mother helps to adolescents’ extraversion for boys and
girls, but fathers’ messages of confirmation and love develop extraversion for girls.
Negative early parental messages, such as accusations and emotional or physical punishment are associated with neuroticism and psychoticism at boys, but for this messages are associate with psychosis. Messages of empowering and encouraging sending by mothers prevent the occurrence of psychoticism for both sexes.
Results also show a statistically significant correlation with negative messages of mothers with high-risk and socially unacceptable behavior of adolescents. Also, was shown that there is a statistically significant correlation between negative early messages of fathers’ and socially unacceptable and adolescents’ risk behavior. Thus, the emotional and physical punishments are associated with committing an offense, delinquent behavior, undesirable normative behavior and substance abuse.
Also, the data show a statistically significant difference in male and female adolescents’ perception of parental competence confirmation and that male adolescents are often then female adolescents engaged in delinquent activities, involved in robberies and sexual risk behaviors.

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young; early parental messages; mental health; behavioral disorders

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