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Syntactic Functions of Participles in the Croatian Protestant Artikuli (1562)

Ivana Eterović orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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The first Croatian translation of Augsburg Confession was done in the year 1562 by Croatian protestants Stipan Konzul and Antun Dalmatin. They translated Primož Trubar's Slovenian redaction and published it in two editions: Glagolitic and Cyrillic. Since they did not have a model on which to lean while translating this work, it is interesting to see what kind of language they have chosen for those editions not very closely related to the altar (as e.g. New testament), i.e. is there any difference between the language of their liturgical and nonliturgical editions or does their literary language concept remain the same. In this article syntactic functions of the present active participle and the perfect active participle I, excerpted from the Glagolitic edition of Artikuli, are being analyzed. Based on their usage, the article aims at determining which status Croatian protestants have allocated to these forms, which were previously considered as the key elements of the most prestigious variant of the Croatian literary language. Although the Croatian translation follows Trubar's edition very consistently, particularly interesting are numerous examples in which Croatian protestants introduced the participle in place of other Slovenian syntactic constructions.

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Croatian Glagolism; 16th century; reformation; Augsburg Confession; syntax; participle

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