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The need for and possibility of education from the point of view of pedagocial anthropology

Marko Pranjić orcid id ; Hrvatski studiji Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Starting in his considerations from man’s need for and possibility of education as the center of pedagogical theory and educational practice, the author elaborates on the contribution of different scientific disciplines that also do research on man, and their research methodology. The focus is primarily on sciences and humanities as all contributions and innovations wish to be considered that have a vital importance for integral comprehension of man. The author thereby respects the principle of interdisciplinarity, which is intensely present in the work of contemporary pedagogical experts, integrates their insights into his pedagogical thought and automatically points to their pedagogical perspectives in the sense that whatever is not genetically inherited, and is specific to man, is subject to the possibility and need of learning, which is a relevant specific subject of research in educational sciences. The results of different disciplines are used in this research as a kind of propaedeutic to pedagogical theory and educational practice that leans against it. There is a series of human behaviours that man is not born with but learns through education and upbringing, like upright walking, speaking, thinking, managing behaviour, manipulating the environment and the skill of mastering one’s organs. Although these ideas are the “subject” of all educational sciences, the accent is here put on a separate pedagogical discipline of pedagogical anthropology, in which the mentioned issues are considered through the prism of deeper human questions that appear in, one could say, privileged situations like wonder, admiration, frustration, disappointment and the experience of the negative and hollowness, or in other words from the point of view of root anthropological questions, with particularly relevant experience of freedom, which includes personal responsibility and relationship to others as well as the need to find the general purpose of human existence.

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humanities, possibility of education, pedagogical anthropology, need for education, sciences

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