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Ethics of Doping in Sports: Two Contrasting Perspectives

Matija Mato Škerbić orcid id ; Elektrostrojarska škola Varaždin, Hallerova aleja 5, HR 42000 Varaždin; Glazbena škola u Varaždinu, Kapucinski trg 8, HR 42000 Varaždin

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Author’s capital thesis is that, within the ethics of sport, the problem of prohibition of doping cannot be solved, as well as the problem of the definition of doping. Thus, in order to argue and justify his thesis, author is focusing on the two contrasting and opposing perspectives: libertarian and essentialist. He is providing a critical review and consideration of the two argumentative frameworks developed during two decades of scientific debate. In this regard, author is using articles published in the leading journal in the field Journal of the Philosophy of Sport. Moreover, author is exploring four key arguments: Argument of Harming Self and Others, Argument of Unfair Advantage, Argument from Coercion and Argument of Paternalism. Finally, author is presenting W. J. Morgan’s proposal of TED (Treatment-Enhancement Distinction) as the “third way” in the doping debate. He is suggesting a distinction between legal medical treatment and illegal performance enhancers.

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ethics of sport; doping; Journal of the Philosophy of Sport; essentialists; libertarians; coercion; harm; ; fairness; paternalism; TED

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