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Effective communication and conflict resolution between a nurse and a patient

Jasmina Starc ; Fakulteta za zdravstvene vede Novo mesto, Slovenija

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Communication is an essential part of providing medical care. It leads to higher and better standards of the provision of medical care. A nurse spends most of her time communicating with patients. The global aim of her professional communication with patients is a relationship in which she would enable them to communicate their needs, desires and expectations without fear and restraint. Good communication between a nurse and patients is a beneficial therapeutic procedure in itself, as it helps patients to express their physical and emotional needs; to ask questions and thus be more involved in the care that they are receiving; to feel that they are in control of their health and treatment; to develop trust and respect in the treatment process; and to become physically healthy. Nevertheless, problems do occur in the communication between the nurse and patients, which may lead to conflict situations. From the point of view of the nurse the most common causes of conflict are a lack of self-awareness and communication which has not been adjusted to the patients. From the point of view of the patients the most common causes of conflict situations are their fear, inability to express themselves, their misunderstanding of information and instructions, and their false expectations. The paper presents the results of a research study which examined the experiences of patients in communicating with nurses. It has been established that 59% of the respondents consider communication with a nurse important or very important. 85% of them feel that communication between them and the nurses is often or always appropriate, owing to respect, kindness and trust. More than 10% of the respondents have had conflicts with nurses, which they resolved by talking calmly, apologising or even by raising their voice. They are aware, however, that the best activity for reducing conflict is patience from all those involved.

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patient, nurse, communication, conflict

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