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Academician Miroslav Begović

Borka Bobovec ; Ministarstvo graditeljstva i prostornoga uređenja, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The social context and opportunities in the period when Academician Miroslav Begović lived and worked produced certain guidelines and what he achieved during his lifetime is reflected in the creative continuity of the second half of the 20th century. People as individuals are always determined by history; however, there are still opportunities for self-determination and establishing one’s own way of doing things, so that it becomes a certain step forward from what is conventional and universally present. Furthermore, this for Begović meant to manage in new social relationships, in a way that the works of art he was creating were not just a reaction to a certain system, but a well through-through project aspiring to the ideal which was established in this part of the world much earlier. He showed consistency in understanding space and form and gave an appropriate interpretation of his projects and realised works. This brought him the highest recognition in professional and social circles, which contributes to the thesis that Begović advanced the Croatian architectural scene with works of art which carry permanent value in understanding the city and urban areas.

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Miroslav Begović, architecture, second half of the 20th century

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