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Direct monitoring methods of overhead line conductor temperature

Alen Pavlinic ; HEP ODS d.o.o., DP Elektroistra
Vitomir Komen ; HEP ODS d.o.o., DP Elektroprimorje

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str. 134-146

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The concept of conductor temperature monitoring has gained in importance with development of advanced electricity networks whose main objective is to increase the capacity, efficiency and reliability of modern power systems. The methods applied to the conductor temperature monitoring of overhead lines can be roughly classified as direct and indirect. In direct methods for conductor temperature monitoring, the temperature is measured directly or by measuring a particular conductor parameter, which is temperature dependent such as sag, tension, conductor resistance, conductor distance from the ground, etc. In indirect methods for the conductor temperature monitoring, the conductor temperature is obtained by applying a specific mathematical model that as an input uses the measured values of weather parameters and line current. Basically, this paper focuses on the issues of direct methods for conductor temperature monitoring, thus providing an analysis of advantages and disadvantages of each method.

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conductor temperature, direct methods, overhead line, temperature monitoring

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