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Computational aerodynamic performance of mixed-flow turbine blade design

Zine Khelloufi Omar ; University of Science and Technology of Oran - Mohamed-Boudiaf BP 1505, El M’Naouer,31000, Oran, Algeria.
Hamel Mohammed
Hamidou Mohamed Kamel

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The performance of two mixed flow turbocharger turbine rotors is numerically investigated. Significantly, the two rotors differ mainly in their inlet angle geometry, one has a constant blade angle (rotor A) and the other has a nominal constant incidence angle (rotor B). Since experimental data alone are not sufficient for understanding the detailed flow field within the turbocharger turbine stage, a complete 3-D Computational Fluid Dynamics model is developed using commercial software Ansys CFX. The model is validated against experimental data for all steady conditions. This study presents a numerical performance prediction of two mixed flow turbine rotors for a wide range of rotational speeds and pressure ratios. The influence of inlet blade angle on the turbine performances is also investigated.

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mixed flow turbine, turbocharger, blade angle, incidence angle, CFX

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