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Generalized suspension theorem in extension theory

Leonard R. Rubin orcid id ; Department of Mathematics, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma 73019, USA

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A. Dranishnikov proved that for each CW-complex K and metrizable compactum X with Xτ K, it is true that (X × I)τ(Σ K). Here, Σ K means the suspension of K in the CW-category, and by X τ K we mean that K is an absolute extensor for X. We are going to generalize this result so that X could be either a stratifiable space or a compact Hausdorff space. Since all metrizable spaces are stratifiable, then our result generalizes Dranishnikov's.

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Absolute co-extensor, absolute extensor, absolute neighborhood extensor, CW-complex, extension theory, paracompact, shrinking a cover, stratifiable space, stratification, suspension

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