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Realization of a digital chaotic oscillator by using a low cost microcontroller

Ercan Köse ; Mersin University
Aydın Mühürcü ; Sakarya University

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This study addresses the in-detail steps to create a chaotic oscillator having continuous-time equations using a microcontroller hardware which has a lower clock-frequency and narrower data bus, as well as much lower hardware, software and algorithm development costs compared to chaotic oscillators developed using analog circuit components or a hardware-based software platform such as FPGA. For this purpose, a Lorenz chaotic oscillator with continuous-time nonlinear equations was selected. Lorenz t-domain equations were transformed into S-domain and Z-domain respectively. After these transformations, a detailed flowchart was given to illustrate the steps required to implement the chaotic oscillator in the microcontroller. All the details derived were simulated by running simultaneous MATLAB-SIMULINK simulations. And, the performance of the discrete-time chaotic oscillator executed in the PIC18F452 microcontroller produced by the Microchip Technology Inc. was visualized by 1D and 2D graphs on an oscilloscope screen.

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microcontroller, FPGA, chaotic oscillator, discrete-time, s and z-transform, algorithm

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