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Philosophy as a Tool of Achieving the Worthy Life

Alexander N. Chumakov ; Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation, 49, room 105, Leningradsky Prospect, RU–125993 Moscow

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Philosophy is seen as an inseparable part of human life and one of the most significant cultural achievements of mankind. It reveals the genuine essence of man in the best way; human being is seen by philosophy as a critical, doubting, questioning, creative being. Main dangers for human beings are now neither economic, nor technological, but those related to their world outlook, where philosophy not simply forms the complex vision of the situation as a whole, but designates specific values and behavioural norms. In the contemporary global world, actively looking for the common platform of intercultural dialogue and ways for sustainable development, philosophy becomes an absolute value itself.

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philosophy, culture, civilization, values, future, life, man, humankind, paideia

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