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Slavoljub Hilčenko

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For Traditional school in Serbia are needed radical, painful and system cuts that are related to its educational programs (curricula’s), approaches to the work (educational technology-methodology of work) and even the institutional-formal structure (but and non-formal education). In the last 10 years, the wrong moves from educational authorities made of the teachers ''persona non grata'', while on the other hand, students and parents were given all the possible rights. In addition, ICT made such changes in the classroom, where the average teacher is not up for, and much less qualified, to answer for requirements of the time and the needs of new generations. (''Keeping the classical class in such an environment is a nightmare for most of them''). Even If there are such, THEY DO NOT OFFER WELL DESIGNED E-CONTENT! The fact that nearly two decades was delayed the introduction of the subject Informatics and computers as a compulsory subject in primary schools in comparison to the countries in which pre-schoolers learn the basics of programming is devastating. Changes imposed at school of tomorrow (global and local) will go to all of the above directions. Serbia will regard to this, ''as usual catch the last train''. The paper aims at presenting possible directions of transformation of today's schools into the schools of tomorrow.

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Traditional schools; ICT; educational technology; formal and informal education; INDIVIDUALIZED school of tomorrow-new global-local paradigm

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