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This article represents the results of the two field researches in the area of Krasno in October 2004 and April 2005, which were a part of the project Identity and Ethnogenesis of the Coastal Bunjevci. The main reason for the selection of this specific subject is the importance of the transport in the traditional economy of Krasno. The research was based on the reconstruction of the appearance of the wagon used by the inhabitants of Krasno, which would help classifying which sort of animals were used for pulling the wagon.
The stress in the research is put on establishing the influence of the appearance of the wagon and the selection of the work animals in correlation with the placement and configuration of the terrain, especially the methods. The research showed that alongside two factors, the main role in appearance of the wagon had its use for carrying of lumber resulting to the length of the wagon being adaptable to the length of the cargo. An important characteristic of the Krasno wagon was its ability to modify according to different sorts of cargo.
The research established that the differences during the 20th century in all aspects of life, including the transport, brought to the change of appearance of the wagon and then to abandoning of keeping of animals for transport. A part of this article was dedicated to the comparison of data received through this research with the results of the same research in the area of Krivi Put, where coastal Bunjevci also live.

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transport; Krasno

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