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Evaluation of workplace risk at Zagreb holding Ltd.

Srebrenka Mesić ; Hrvatski zavod za zdravstveno osiguranje, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Eos Martinac ; Zavod za vještačenje, profesionalnu rehabilitaciju i zapošljavanje osoba s invaliditetom, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Evaluation of workplace risk is performed by identifying risks and hazards in the workplace and recognising their potential impact on the workplace. Workplace risk evaluation proposes measures for prevention of occupational diseases and accidents at work, but it also improves health protection and cost reduction.
The main objective of the research is to recognise the relationship between the working conditions of a municipal policeman, garbage man and gardener at Zagreb Holding Ltd. and the possible health outcomes related to these three workplaces, with the aim of assessing risk and improving health.
A total of 137 subjects (116 men and 21 women), with an average working experience of 16 years, of which 12 at their current jobs, were included in the research. The survey was conducted using anonymous questionnaires which were custom-made for this study.
The most common adverse work characteristics described by the subjects were: performing predominantly physical work, working outside, working in unnatural body positions such as kneeling, squatting or stooping, working with garbage and working with people. A total of 122 examinees (89.0%) developed chronic diseases, often associated with diseases of the musculoskeletal system (45, or 32.8%). Forty participants (35.7%) associated their chronic disease with their present working position.
The study confirmed that the most common diseases are those that affect the musculoskeletal system and that their incidence coincides with the beginning of employment as municipal policeman, garbage man and gardener.

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municipal policeman, garbage man, gardener, risk assessment, health improvement, prevention

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